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A Unique Opportunity in Weymouth…

Liberate Your Thinking
Freedom to thrive


2½ Day Transformational Coaching Retreat at the award winning Belfield House in Weymouth
Thursday, Friday & part of Saturday 21st – 23rd March 2019
Facilitated by Caroline Brewer & Liz Scott

What could you achieve with limitless supplies of fresh thinking?
Do you find yourself overthinking and so ‘getting in your own way’ and blocking your best performance, either at work or at home? Imagine if we could clear a path through the interference in our minds to create the space for powerful thinking and amazing new ideas. When we understand the nature of Thought, our own personal thinking drops away, enabling us to go beyond the grind of searching for solutions to our problems into creating outcomes we want to achieve.

Participants experience:
• Fresh insights and a higher quality of mind when resolving work and personal issues
• Greater impact through connecting more easily and effectively with those around them
• Increased capacity and resilience for handling life’s challenges
• Heightened creativity and curiosity to whatever they are involved in
• More peace of mind, clarity and perspective generally

Liberate Your Thinking is:
• A non-residential 2½ day ‘open’ programme pointing to a deeply powerful understanding of how the mind works
• A relaxing yet energising opportunity to explore your own work and personal challenges from a fresh perspective
• Key to enabling you to better understand your thoughts, feelings and experience of life, allowing you to more readily access your deeper inner wisdom and intuition
• Breakthrough support for deepening your understanding on how to get tangible results for yourself and your business

Your Invitation:
We are offering the programme in March 2019 to a limited number of people.   Contact us now for more information and to secure your place.  Accommodation is not included but can be arranged separately if required.

Please telephone Caroline on 07774 649549 for more information or email