2019 Dates

Dates for 2019

21st – 23rd March – Liberate Your Thinking

29th – 30th June – Thrive; a programme for Young People

26th – 28th September – Liberate Your Thinking

28th – 30th November – Liberate Your Thinking

Liberate Your Thinking is:
• A non-residential 2½ day ‘open’ programme pointing to a powerful understanding of how the mind works
• A relaxing yet energising opportunity to explore your own work and personal challenges from a fresh perspective

Thrive; a programme for Young People is:
• A non-residential 2-day retreat run over a weekend, specifically designed to support young people between the ages of 18 – 25 years, pointing them inwards to their innate psychological system
• A sponsored programme, enabling us to offer heavily discounted places

Both Programmes offer:
• Breakthrough support for deepening your understanding on how to get tangible results for yourself, irrespective of your circumstances at home or work