No problems, no challenges and no difficulties, just well-being

We recently held our 8th Liberate Your Thinking retreat in Weymouth.  It was an absolute joy and privilege to observe the group settle and then glow with well-being.  Several of the group shared ahead of the retreat that they felt anxious and stressed a lot of the time.  They were able to get in touch with their innate well-being quickly because it never actually leave us, but like the clouds in this photo hiding the sun, it is always there, ready to shine through.

Here is one participant’s experience…

Before the retreat Karl was finding his job stressful and frustrating. He recently took 6 weeks off for stress after finding that his anxiety had triggered a physical response of not being able to read simple work instructions. He shared a powerful metaphor, when he said his mind was like a computer screen with too many windows open. This resulted in him getting easily distracted and dwelling on things that had passed. He said it would be a miracle for him if following the retreat, he could focus more easily on one thing at a time, knowing that other stuff would still be there when he was ready for it.

Following the retreat Karl said, “I’ve been back at my place of employment for two days now and, as far as I am aware, nothing significant changed during my absence.

However, I have!

There are no problems, nor are there any challenges or difficulties, there are simply tasks that I am given. Each task will either be completed or not completed.

Each task that I complete will be fine and can be put in the ‘done that, gone now’ folder, archived and only required for reference. Incomplete tasks? I will have to figure out whether I want to continue trying, or pass on that task to A.N.Other to progress it.”


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